Photographer Mikko Pylkkö and myself organized #smartphonepose Photowalk in Tampere two weeks ago. Idea of this event occur to me because Mikko has just published book about how to shoot photos with smartphones and tablets,  and I’ve just done book about posing.


We began #smartphonepose Photowalk with introductions and then it was time for action… Mikko showed first how to keep smartphone properly in your hands while shooting.


Participants were interested in technical tips and they asked many questions how to shoot with smartphone.


At my turn I demonstrated what I take into a consideration when I shoot people. Direction of light is important – check first which direction sun is shining. Then place model in that way that face is not in shade. When light hits model’s face, it appears brighter, and you’ll capture expression better.


When sunlight hits model’s face diagonally, it forms light and shadow to model’s face.


In addition to light it’s good to take into a consideration what is behind model. If background is simple, model separates better from it. And if you want to add storytelling element to your image – it’s good to choose that kind of background which is somehow important to main subject or to message of image. Then backgrounds makes message clearer.


And finally some tips from posing – how to place hands, head or smartphone that they all look photographic in final image.


While Photowalk Mikko had time to post some images…


… and at the same time he continued to give tips how to hold smartphone correctly, that it looks real in image.


So finally, let’s shoot – landscape brings out more background scenery.


Before – after: cropping cuts out disturbing details from right side of model. In addition to cropping, vignetting focuses viewer’s eye to main subject.


Then photo&walk=photowalk…


Next Mikko demonstrated how to shoot with tablet.


Mikko gave also tips how to compose your images. Participants got composition tips to landscape-, abstract-, detail-images etc.


… and also which cropping to choose – will you take image in 2:3, 16:9, or some other form…


In next pose-demonstation I placed model to lean on railing. I pointed out what to take into a consideration when you place your model in profile. As you can see – participants had “real” cameras among smartphones and tablets. Everyone was welcome 🙂


Before – after: Two photographers make frame around model and natural vignetting at the same time.


Then some practising and photowalk.


How to place model when she/he is sitting on rock – question asked and then demonstrated. Turning model’s body diagonally towards camera and checking head’s and hands positions are important details of pose.


… and what to take into a consideration when you shoot headshot, or you choose 3/4 cropping, or if model is looking at camera or smartphone in her hand.


Next question – if someone is sitting at bench relaxed and happy. Before – after images show friends at the bench: vignetting cropping makes image more simple and focuses viewer’s eye better to main subjects. Models faces are towards sunlight and they separate from simple background.


Between demonstrations some more shooting, and also enjoying beautiful evening in the heart of Tampere.


In addition to direct sunlight I demonstrated how to shoot in shade. Light is different there and including that I demonstrated how to add three-dimensionality by adding extra element in foregound. I made two versions of same image: landscape and portrait, different cropping and positioned model in different places in image area.


Before – after images show extra element on foreground. Check also vignetting and cropping.


We ended our #smartphonepose Photowalk in Wayne’s Coffee where Mikko showed some retouching softwares for smartphones and how to retouch images.


And of course we also viewed participants’ images. That’s the greatest joy in photowalks. Even we walk same route together, we all see world around us differently. And all images are different. And you are inspired by others’ images 🙂 Big fan of Photowalks 🙂


Some images done in #smartphonepose Photowalk:

Näyttökuva 2015-06-10 kello 6.42.57

Näyttökuva 2015-06-10 kello 6.44.01

Näyttökuva 2015-06-10 kello 6.43.09

Näyttökuva 2015-06-10 kello 6.43.18

Then it was time to say thank you 🙂 I had great time, and of course beautiful weather made event even better.


Few days later local newspaper’s readers had possibility to enjoy #smartphonepose Photowalk too 🙂

aamulehti_kännykkäpose_photowalk1 aamulehti_kännykkäpose_photowalk2



The End… #smartphonepose photowalk with Pylkkö & Puputti – Where it all began?

Pylkkö & Puputti_kännykkäpose

I met Mikko last March at Photo Fair in Helsinki. There I got to know that our books will be out about same time, and we both live in Tampere. They were two good reasons to organize something together 🙂 Luckily Mikko agreed 🙂

So Thank you Mikko that you got into this with all your enthusiasm 🙂