FOTARIT– Take better photos with your phone!

Fotarit (which is a common word in Finnish to describe the people who take photos) is a 10 episode series produced by YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company. The show was created in the need to take better photos with our phone cameras. It’s fun and has easy-to-understand instructions with hands-on tips.

In the series, four kids study photography with Tiina Puputti. In the 10-episode series kids go through all the common themes we take photos of in our everyday life.


Episode themes

  • portrait in a location
  • a group in a location
  • pet photography
  • nature photography
  • food photography
  • large scale objects in the photos
  • taking photos of hobbies
  • sport photography
  • street photography
  • event photography


Scripting and hosting the series

I co-wrote the manuscript for Fotarit and I hosted the series.
I was responsible for the screenwriting for the photography themes and the contents. Additionally, I also wrote my own screenplay as the host.



Director: YLE/Rami Yli-Pukka
Producer: YLE/Jyrki Laaksonen

Fotarit in YLE AREENA