I was last week in Tallinn where local photography pro shop Overall Eesti and Canon organized two workshops. First one was for bloggers and second one was Photowalk.

In bloggers workshop there were Estonian lifestyle, fashion and food bloggers but also designers, art directors, journalists etc. At this very first Overall bloggers workshop our goal was to give some tips to all that they can do better quality images faster and just with camera.

Here we are in Overall’s conference room, ready to start.


Bloggers workshop’s main topic was to demonstrate how to shoot right color, sharp enough and bright enough images that they look good and representative in websites.


Including that I demonstrated what to take into a consideration when you shoot product images.


As an example product I just couldn’t help myself to choose this beautiful pink little handbag by Kristiina Nurk. It’s like candy 🙂
At this demonstration I pointed out f.e. direction of light, how different surfaces reflect light, how to separate product from background, and how to use white cardboard as reflector.

Before – after images show how much white cardboard reflects light.


Then we went out to check few details what to take into a consideration when bloggers shoot people. We didn’t have that much time, so we just checked how nature of light changes when we shoot in shade or in direct sunlight.
And how you can use dark wall as screen that creates shadow side on model’s face and body.


… and how to check that model separates from background and nothing strange doesn’t grow behind head…


And of course, some posing tips 🙂


Next day there were 17 photography aficionados in Overall who wanted to participate to Photowalk. Again we began in Overall’s conference room.


At the beginning of Photowalk I gave some tips what to shoot on the streets and what to take into a consideration when you shoot f.e. people on the streets, city views, details, abstracts etc.


Not to forget message of image, light, main subject, making decisions before pressing button, separation of background etc…


And the meaning of angle of view…


..and why we should change it 🙂


And then we were off to streets of Rotermanni Kvartal. We got great day – sun was shining, and we got all the shadows and highlights.


Cameras ready – on our way to Rotermanni Kvartal, which located almost next to Overall Eesti.


Rotermanni Kvartal was all about cookie lighting, light and Shadow that day.


And Martin from Overall made participants happy 🙂


… and they had also possibility to test that lens 🙂


I had summer flu at that time (still have), couldn’t shoot all the time…


… But I shot some. Obviously I had abstract day in this Photowalk. We ended Photowalk in Overall where we viewed participants images – again joy of photowalks – we just se world differently 🙂

Thank you Overall Eesti again 🙂 It’s always great to visit you and Estonia.

Special Thank you to Liis/Overall and Signe/Canon for all work you did for these workshops (and Liis for action images in this blog), and Martin for all backup work. It’s great to work with you 🙂

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