Fotarit – Shoot better photos with your phone

Fotarit (which is a common word in Finnish to describe the people who take photos) is a 10 episode series produced by YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company. The show was created in the need to take better photos with our phone cameras. READ MORE.

POCS – Photography Online Course for Scientists

Photography online course for scientists is for all Aalto University members. The Course consists of tutorial videos, assignments, and quizzes. It’s designed for independent learning.

The POCS mission is to help Aalto University members to build their own, unique photo library to communicate their research.

  • 29 Tutorial videos divided into logical and easy-to-follow modules.
  • 19 Assignments based on the functional photography workflow.
  • 12 Quizzes based on tutorial videos.
  • Takeaways from every tutorial demonstration.
  • Self-evaluation forms for reflecting and analyzing your individual learning process and progress.


Reporter & photographer, Puumala-lehti (summer 2022)

“Summer by the lake Saimaa and near all the beautiful cuycling routes – that was my first thought when I saw a job announcement of Puumala-lehti. In addition I understood this summer job is an opportunity for me to improve writing articles and to do documentary photos.”