I saved these images for the darkest time of the year. Light and action in these make me full of energy and happy even though I just see them on screen 🙂 I shot these images for my friend Ulla Pesola who needed them for marketing her business, “Ulla Pesola Method Putkisto – Pilates.

Ulla works in the Central Finland, Muurame so that’s why we shot in that kind places that local people recognize them: Muurame ridge and library. Weather was great both days during photo shoots, and I was able to shoot almost only in available light.

First images were done while Ulla instructed walking lesson, and I was just shooting. And I heard some good tips at the same time, and I’ve been trying practice better walking ever since 🙂 ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-6ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-2ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-11ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-18ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-30ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-36ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-40 Next day we went to local library and shoot Method Putkisto images. This time it was more about guiding models and lighting. And it wasn’t only about photographical poses, it was also about right poses for Method Putkisto use for Ulla. Ulla was the critical eye 🙂 ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-55_MG_5557-Editulla_pesola_method_putkisto-83 And back to forest again, and some pilates. Ulla doesn’t have certain place where she instructs her lessons that’s why we chose library and forest for photo shoot. Library shows locals that entrepreneur is local and forest brings calm and relaxed atmosphere for images. And we didn’t have to shoot in dark gyms 🙂 ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-60ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-64ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-63ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-65ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-70ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-71ulla_pesola_method_putkisto-73