I had great opportunity to participate Urban Exploration in Tallinn two weeks ago. Canon organized workshop for journalists and bloggers there and I was one of the lecturers there. My theme was Portraits in Location and I had thirty minutes inspirational presentation before we went to old shipyard to test and to shoot with new Canon cameras.

Because of short presentation time I went to old shipyard day before to take some example portraits. My friend Pit Euler (who has already modeling for me in Photography Guidebook POSE) lives in Tallinn. he and his friends joined me in old shipyard and were models in portraits.

My idea was to shoot portraits in short time and use minimum lighting equipment. Because of our ferry arrival time, taxi drivers difficulties to find shipyard etc… when we finally got to shipyard it was already sunset and then darkness. And there wasn’t any electricity there… I used as main light Dedolight DLED 4 – BI (battery version) and as fill light Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT. Those lighting equipment can fit in one backpack and it’s easy to carry on for journalists or bloggers. And it can be easier to use because you can see the light which continuous light source produces all the time. And then you just use fill light as much as you want to have it. And if you have speedlite same brand as your camera ETTL Mode works quite well.

So we did portraits in old shipyard in one hour –in darkness 🙂 My idea for next day’s inspirational presentation was to point out few details if one shoot close-ups…Tiina_Puputti_urban_explo02Tiina_Puputti_urban_explo04

… or portraits in location, where background works as storytelling element… and person is nearer of more far away from camera…


… after one hour my models were almost frozen so it was to get some hot drinks 🙂 I want to THANK YOU: Mariia Soldatova, AIgi Sau, Oyewole ‘Dayo and Pit Euler for helping me in this project 🙂 I had great time with you international, open young people. I felt so alive after meeting you guys 🙂 <3


And next day it was to inspirational presentation: “Say cheese and…” – Tips how to improve portraits. 

I had great two days in Tallinn. Once again. Thank you all participants for enthusiasm, and all Canon-people for organizing this Urban Exploration event 🙂 (Behind the Scenes -images: Teija Saremaa-Tamminen)


And then to practice. First camera settings, then to shoot.