This is my Christmas card and gift for You My Friend. I wish You Christmas with your family and friends.

A year ago I got hit by car. It was dark night and I didn’t have pedestrian reflector. I was lucky, I got small injury on my back and scarf on my head. I was able to spent Christmas with my family.

This winter I’ve read from media that children bully other kids because they use pedestrian reflectors. I also heard Esko Valtaoja saying in Nenäpäiväkeräys how we should think about future and invest on that.



Children are the future – on 19th, December, the darkest day of the year, I went to International school of Tampere to tell about my accident and the importance of having pedestrian reflectors. My hope is that kids are smarter than we adults. They realize the importance of being brighter. And they can remind us.  Class 5B was great – they listened, they participated, they helped me with English words.. I’m sure they will be examples of Being Brighter and BLINK. Thank you teacher Miika Lehtovaara for co-operation.


Even though I’m big fan of classic snowflake reflectors I thought they might be old fashioned and uncomfortable for kids. They hang on string, they get stuck, they rip clothes etc. I found this cool B’Seen-product, which is orange blinking LED light. Easy to attach to backpack or winter coat zipper.


So Santa Claus wished all Merry Christmas and BLINK.


And they all BLINKed Brighter.


Brighter Christmas and Blinking New Year 2015!