At the beginning of September our Masterclass gathered in Porvoo for a workshop. When I’m watching the results of the workshop, I can only think of one thing: the power of enthusiasm and cooperation.

I was amazed of the way of working during the workshop. I think you can see it too when you look at the results. What could be more improving way of collegiality than gather together, assist one another, learn from each other and do it together. I think it’s beyond than just professional progress. I think it’s passion.

Tomi’s picture was done in a cloudy morning at the old railwaystation. Rain has just luckily stopped and all the assistants were so full of energy that Tomi was a bit confused with all that energy. “When you’re used to work alone, it’s so different when suddenly so many people are helping you..”

Same place, same model, but different style. It didn’t began to rain, assistants were full of energy and our model Antte was just perfect.

In the pictures below you can see perfectly how different pictures you can do at the same place. First picture was done with no additional lights, because they were still in use on the other side of the railway carriage.

In the second picture some more additional lights were used…

Window light in Cafe Helmi, model Susanna.

… Johanna and Oscar are assisting.

Simple and classy picture of Jenni – much more fun making it together 🙂

Nature was unpredictable once again: weather was cloudy, sunny, cloudy, sunny etc. At this moment Johanna catched Jenni’s picture in a direct sunlight.

Last but not least we were in the studio in “high key feelings”. Long day, lot of enthusiasm, lot of concrete results, lot of new ideas… and happy memories.

Sami continued workshop until next day because of the broken car. He shoot Cafe Helmi’s owner in her own cafe. All the props were found from the cafe.. .what a magical place 🙂