DSCN2181Week ago I wondered topic of last blogpost of this year. I had content in my mind but then on Sunday night everything changed. I was hit by a car.

On Monday I was back home recovering and got an idea. I’ll arrange event where I hand out pedestrian reflectors for free. Idea just came and I couldn’t stop it.

I phoned to city authorities and asked is  this kind of action legal. Then I googled firms who deliver pedestrian reflectors. I had already decided to order snowflake shape reflectors. I congratulate myself – I was able to use christmas card and -gift budget to reflectors. I didn’t have struggle in any malls to find gifts. 

It all started rolling on Monday…

I told about idea to my friend, colleague and mentor Matti J. Kaleva, who began immediately to design unique stand. I even didn’t have reflectors delivered, but I announced “Be brighter – Have pedestrian reflector” -event on Facebook on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning I got the news that local newspaper Moro had same idea at the very same day. What are the odds that same idea comes to people at the same time, in the same city, at the same day? Cool 🙂

I informed Moro about my event. The posted my story on their website and donated me even more reflectors to giveaway. How cool was that 🙂

… all the way to Friday

Unique stand was hardly placed when people began to show up. I met so many of my friends who had noticed event from Facebook. For those who didn’t know my story, I told it between attaching reflectors and hugging people.

Juha Jutila was one of the first who got reflector. Juha has been in my photography workshop earlier.

DSCN2183Next familiar face was Ville, who’s also been in my photography workshop.

DSCN2184At the same time some more of my students. I like Kimmo’s post on Facebook afterwards:

“Last winter I had angel pedestrian reflector attached to winter coat. It’s neck broke last summer. Carrying only angel’s head didn’t seem appropriate. So I was lacking reflector and I was invisible again. I don’t carry watch or cellphone normally, but I wanted to have one of Tiina’s reflector’s. So I counted seconds and other pedestrians on the street. At one o’clock there are 40 pedestrians per minute on the mainstreet. So, if you hand out 200 hundred reflectors, it will last at least 15 minutes to give way them, if every third wants one. In this case you don’t count any time to handing them out. I went to spot where I can observe clock (bookstore) and went to Tiina’s spot 1.07  pm and got my reflector. Better than reflector was that bright moment in the darkest day of the year. THANK YOU.”

Here I’m handing out reflector to Kimmo.

DSCN2186My friend Venla happened to come when local radio station’s reporter was interviewing me.

DSCN2190Venla was answering questions same time I tried to sort out strings which were all in big mess. Interview was broadcasted live.

DSCN2192I attached reflectors to peoples’ coats. Before event I considered just to hand out reflectors, but my friend thought that idea very boring. Attaching them straight away was the best way to do it! 🙂

DSCN2193I’m multitasking – I attach reflector and answer questions. If someone heard interview, can tell how did it go –and what did I say 🙂

DSCN2195More friend came by, my photographer colleague Sami Reivinen. Somehow event became meeting point of photographers 🙂

At this point CEO of FPPA Anna Kaleva-Tsagklas gave me a hand and began to sort out reflector-string-total-mess.

DSCN2213Reflectors were hanging on stand and I had to take them out one by one. Most of the times I had to open knot and tie it up again. Event wasn’t for people in a hurry 🙂

DSCN2215Everyone got to choose where they wanted to reflectors to be attached.

DSCN2204Sometimes event became more like reflectors and hugs -type. Even some strangers wanted to wish my good luck and Merry Christmas by hugging.

DSCN2212My spot at the main street was great. There were passing people all the time.

DSCN2203There was even a line. Luckily it wasn’t -30 degrees 🙂


Be brighter than me

I was hit by car, but I was lucky. I hope after this event and all “sharing” in social media more of us consider our own and our dearest peoples’ safety. Our dearest are most the most important. Nothing replaces them.

Let’s be brighter and let’s take care of our dearest too. I don’t want any of you to share that experience how it feels, when car hits you. Now my head is ok, but back is still hurting. And I have difficulties to sit longer times.

I hope you Merry Christmas and Bright New Year 2014.



Earlier this week…

Reflectors were delivered on Thursday. I opened bags ja attached strings and safety pins to snowflakes.

734519_10151807787156641_1456146973_nI’m testing first one. I chose snowflakes because I love shape of it. It’s so classic and beautiful. I’m happy to carry it 🙂

995569_10151807909226641_2078046084_nOn Thursday Moro announced exact same idea!

988436_10151807824101641_1815073460_nOn Friday morning Matti delivered unique stand and we picked up posters.

1511098_10151809644346641_287044849_nBe Brighter – Have pedestrian reflector in action!

1486707_444472315674909_1415854644_nPic: Juha Jutila

And how they all reclect 🙂

1476134_10202310632540020_730314140_nPic: Tarja Kuuva

Another coincidence. Friday was the darkest day of the year. On Saturday was Winter solstice and then days are getting longer and longer. Event was exactly at the right day 🙂


Be Brighter – Have pedestrian reflector on Facebook.

My story on Moro’s website (Finnish)

Interview on Yle News website (Finnish)


My story:

“Last Sunday I was walking in my thought on pavement. I was wearing black winter coat and I had black hood. Van came from gas station and hit me. I had almost passed it but it’s bumper hit me. 

I got wound on my head and I got ache in my back. I was taken to ambulance and then to hospital. Luckily wound was so small that it didn’t have any stitches. Ache in my back was bad but I could move my legs normally.

I was lucky. I don’t want even to think what would have  happened if car drove 50km/h and if  I had stand in front of it.

Be brighter than me.