A week ago local canoeing club Vihuri hosted Finnish Championships in canoeing. Competition was held in beautiful environment around Ruovesi. I’ve participated in club’s action about two years now.

Last winter active members of club began to organize canoeing competition. Usually in sport clubs it means volunteer work. I was asked to shoot during the competition. Even though I thought about two days in cold and rainy weather I promised to participate. And afterwards – I didn’t regret. I enjoyed the whole weekend in Ruovesi. There was a great atmosphere and there was rain just a little while. Otherwise it was cloudy or sunny – great weather for canoeing and taking photos.

Ready to go. Ten o’clock. You can pick first assignments.First assignment was done before any canoeing.After checking all the gear, participants took off and headed to first  control point.First control point was in historical spot: it was located in Kalela which was a home of one of best known Finnish artists Akseli Gallen-Kallela. This time assignment consist of thinking, knowing some famous Finnish persons, tasting, smelling, measuring etc.There was a possibility to enjoy beautiful landscape and sceneries when participants headed to the next control point. Volunteers who were responsible for security on the water gave next assignment to the participants.Iida, the youngest volunteer participated the whole time with her parents.Your accuracy of throwing was checked in a control point.Last assignments were done in control point “Night”. After that canoes were parked and participants were getting ready for the second day.Sunday morning participants had their longest canoeing trip to do. They were headed towards the last control point.In last control point there were diffrent kind of assignments depending on your series. After last assignment canoes and participants headed to finish line. Well done. At the finish there were still some assignments, a.o. reading your poems.Getting ready for award ceremony – packing, shower and some snack.In an award ceremony prizes were given in racing-, aficionado- and family series.

Getting ready for next year, right!