“Finnish importers have made a survey of typical first time SLR-camera buyer. Young women and teenage girls are signifant grouop of these first time buyers. They want quality and and they appreciate SLR’s versatile features.” (Editor-in-chief Asko Vivolin, Camera Magazine editorial 5/2013)

– My daughter wants SLR as gratuate present.
– Yeah, I just bought one for my daughter last summer.
(part of conversation between two fathers)


Canon bloggers in a photography workshop

Two weeks ago Canon organized a photography workshop for group of young women who are active bloggers. They blog about fashion, lifestyle, design, healthy living, travelling, baking etc. I was totally fascinated when I listened their discussing about different type of SLR’s, objectives and their requirements for cameras. I’ve never met this kind of group. Joy and enthusiasm was real 🙂

In the workshop we discussed about basics of photography, features of SLR and added some tips of other useful equipment. The whole day our main focus was in a storytelling. Understanding of SLR features is much more interesting when you realize how they effect in a picture. You don’t want to learn just features, you want to shoot more visual, more narrative images with high-quality. You can check my ppt-slideshow from Slideshare (in Finnish).

Including basics of photography and features of SLR we had some time to explore photography more deeply. My passion is light and that passion I wanted to share. Basicly participants have only cameras, so we used only window light, some diffuser and scrim to demonstrate lighting.

I also shared my passion to new technology. There’s a feature in Canon 6D which is just perfect for bloggers. You can have a liveview image on your iPad or iPhone (of course also to your laptop) wirelessly. (How cool :)) You can change shutter speed, ISO and f-stop with your iPad or iPhone, you can focus image and shoot using those devices.

Workshop lasted the whole day. Bloggers didn’t even want to have a lunch break –they just wanted to learn more about photography (still we had few snacks). What a motivation.

Valpuri Mäkinen from Canon organizes events for bloggers. She stayed with us the whole day and even volunteered to be our model. I think our workshop was so inspirational that now we are planning some new stuff with Valpuri. (Pictures: Olli Turtiainen/Canon)

Thanks for all participants. Now I’m waiting to see some cool shots in your blogs and in our group in Facebook 🙂

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