I’ve been holding for sometime a paperback of the book I translated into Finnish. The book is called “Lighting Photos” and it’s written by Fil Hunter and Robin Reid. Such a long time the book was only InDesign files and occasional phone calls and emails between me and the publisher. Finally the book is in my hands and it feels great! I got such a great help from Armo and Kari, who explained me some technical terms. Thanks for Matti from Docendo too –who guided me through the process.

Last autumn the Finnish publisher Docendo offered me an opportunity to translate one of the three books of Focus on –series (Focal Press). The autumn went by fast making translation. The challenge was to translate the way readers understand the content, because the subject is so familiar to me. I repeated to myself all the time: “Remember the reader!” (And I continue doing that.)

Now I’m working on my own book “Light & Lighting”. Translation of the other book was great start for this one. When I was making translation I had a possibility to think thoroughly my own book: to whom is it for, how I should write, how to speak to the reader etc.

Already at this stage I want to thank all the people who have been part of this great project. All my models, stylist and assistants have been adorable. I’ve been so happy to work with all of them. Work is not done yet, I’m still on the road. At this moment it’s time write and shoot. Let’s see the result next autumn. Wish me luck 🙂