Masterclass traditional group portrait: from left Tanja Pohjaranta (Valokuvaamo Knalli, Somero), Tomi Kallio (Valokuvaamo Potretti, Orimattila), Johanna Uusitalo (Foto-Friitala, Ulvila), Oscar Lindell (Studio Lindell, Porvoo), Sami Reivinen (Valokuvaamo KLIK, Tampere) and Tiina.


Last February Masterclass gathered in Orimattila. Our host was this time Tomi Kallio from Valokuvaamo Potretti. I had my birthday at the same time. So we had a birthday party too 🙂

FPPA’s Annual Contest “Portrait Photographer of the Year” was getting nearer, so one of the goals of the workshop was to shoot pictures for it. While eating cake we checked pictures and chose series for the contest, and in a workshop we did our best to achieve our goals. Once again I was amazed of enthusiasm.

Theme of this workshop was to shoot portraits with continuous light sources. Tomi had build some led-panels and he also had some manufactured ones. Including that we had several Dedolights. In the first shooting session our models were Johanna and her baby, Kasper.

Next shooting session we had a family with five members and a cute, friendly dog. First Tomi shoot whole family, then only kids and last parents.

We spent afternoon in a location. Tomi has arranged a place, models and all the accessories. Oscar’s wife Susanna and our team member Johanna did all the make up and hair. ONCE AGAIN, thank you Susanna and Johanna. What a team spirit 🙂 They did it again.

Sami is shooting one of the models. He used wireless memory card Eye-Fi and all the images transformed wirelessly to software called ShutterSnitch in iPad. Such a pleasure to examine images in bigger format instead of only camera’s screen.

All these wireless systems enables so much. You can easily show images immediately for larger groups in location. Wau. I’m so looking forward to all the demonstrations in locations later on this summer.

After all wireless-talk – Sami & co did well in this shooting. Final image was one of the prized images in FPPA’s Annual Contest. Well done Masterclass 🙂

Looking for a dramatic pose…

Oscar’s realization in this workshop was use of available light. I enjoyed watching his work and that joy when he understood his realization. Too short skirt became a special detail and that expression on model’s face Oscar captured while were abroad. Final image was also prized in FPPA’s Annual Contest.

Images and succes in Annual Contest

Here are some of the images Johanna, Oscar, Sami and Tomi made during the workshop. And they had succes in FPPA’s Annual Contest: Sami and Oscar were in TOP 6. Finally Sami was awarded with 3. Prize (Sami’s blog) and Oscar got Honorable Mention (Oscar’s blog). Johanna got 3. Prize in Wedding Pictures. Concgratulations for all 🙂 I’m so proud of you.

Picture: Johanna Uusitalo (Foto-Friitala, Ulvila)

Picture: Oscar Lindell (Studio Lindell, Porvoo). This image is one the images in Oscar’s serie in Annual Contest (Honorable Mention).

Picture: Sami Reivinen (Valokuvaamo KLIK, Tampere). This image won Portraits Series in FPPA’s Annual Contest.

Picture: Sami Reivinen (Valokuvaamo KLIK, Tampere)

Image above was one of lighting demonstration in a studio. Our aim was to build lighting where models can move freely. We did it because it’s also good way to practise only guiding your models and capture their feelings.

And the birthday party

Late Saturday night was time for birthday party. Before eating the cake I was lit and was photographed as a birthday-girl. Then I just blew out all the candles and we ate the cake. And of course I shared images to all social media 🙂