We took first steps to create this event last autumn. I was driving back from Kuopio with FPPA’s CEO Anna Kaleva-Tsagklas where organization’s annual meeting had been just held. Last Monday it all bacame reality. It was for me like a little dream came true 🙂

Part of my dream was that we can all learn from each other. The others inspire us. We are surrounded by great people who do great stuff.

I’m proud of the professional collegiality which predominates among professional photographers. People are ready to share their inspirations, thoughts and stories.

Passion and inspiration

In this Spring Update I interviewed three photographers: Krista KeltanenMikaela Löfroth ja Antti Karppinen. Main thing that links these people is passion to photography.

Krista started doing interior- and decoration images by creating a blog. This blog was all about renovating her own house. Mikaela realized that her passion is to shoot wedding pictures in locations – and now all the couples want just that. Antti decided “imagine anything” – and won Portrait Photographer of the Year 2013 -prize, he created  You did what -project and there’s more coming.

I admire their passion and skills. Among that  I was interested in their thoughts of social media. How they use Facebook, Twitter, blogs or Instagram?

My dream was that these interviews make us to think. What is my passion? How I’m gonna achieve it?

Krista Keltanen has just published book called 12 x Koti. She made the book in cooperation with her partner, stylist Jonna Kivilahti. Krista told us all the stories about images: how she plans them, what she likes about them and how she guides her models.

Krista is persistent mom of three kids. She is one of top photographers in Finland and now she’s heading abroad. Her determined way of doing things is great to follow.

Listeners asked few questions from Krista. One of them was which blogs she follows. Here’s her TOP 10 List:












Mikaela Löfroth showed one of her images and said that during that photo shoot she got realization about light, shooting style and guiding models. And that realization changed her style.

“I don’t plan that much beforehand. Things just come up. I’m thrilled of my style at the moment and I enjoy shooting wedding pictures in locations.”

I’ve followed Mikaela’s career since beginning. It’s great to see it in this point. I’m looking forward to see what happens when she will get her next realization.

Portrait Photographer of the Year 2013 Antti Karppinen tells stories behind images of his winning series.

Antti is not just a photographer but he’s real multimedia talent. He has experience many fields of visual business so “imagine anything” comes naturally. He knows possibilities, solves impossibilities and finds right people. “To make a decision is essential. To say it aloud is necessary.”

Antti send me a link to YouTube -video “Steal like an artist” before Spring Update because “Nothing is original”. So let’s combine existing stuff and create new – Imagine Anything.

I think we all earn flower bouquets!

Sami Reivinen took everything on video, Jarkko Viljanen mastered all the technics, Laura Torkkeli took photos, delivered pizzas, flowers and Krista and Anna Kaleva-Tsagklas mastered whole ensemble.

Thanks for everyone. I feel happy now 🙂