I was recently on holiday in Barcelona. Between touristic tours with my Dad I had some time to shoot too 🙂 So, some images from streets of Catalonia – colors of Catalonia, sun and spring <3 Loved atmosphere in Barcelona, at all friendly people too 🙂

puputti_32puputti_06puputti_03puputti_04  puputti_07puputti_08puputti_09puputti_10 puputti_11puputti_12 puputti_13puputti_14 puputti_15puputti_16 puputti_17puputti_02 puputti_18puputti_19 puputti_20puputti_21 puputti_22puputti_23 puputti_24puputti_25puputti_27puputti_31puputti_28puputti_29 puputti_30