Awarded professional photographer André Boto visited Finland two weeks ago, where he had two days seminar for Finnish Professional Photographers’ Association (FPPA). Boto has worked as professional photographer only five years but he had super-start: he won FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year competition in 2010. His awarded images were done for photography school. “I won right competition”, André said, “clients still remember that award”.

Characteristic for André’s work is surrealism. He masters Photoshop, and what’s the most important thing, he has vision. He began with art and drawing and later on changed to photography. Now he draws in Photoshop. He admires art pieces of Magritte and Dali, and you can see their influence in André’s work.

André’s seminar in Finland was split in three parts. In the fist one he shared his thoughts about photography and his ways of working. “Even though my images are surrealistic they have to be believable. Scaling and light are important. And story – there’s always story in my image.”

“I always try do do something different, because I think if we (artists in any area of arts) want to be on the market, we need to do something different, we need to çreate our own style and when the people recognize us with a style, that’s a very good sign. So, I show my work and told about the concepts and what I had in my mind to create this type of different stuff. It’s important to say that I didn’t start on photography area, I started on arts and I applied some knowledge in photography from other areas of arts to create the difference.”

Andre is master in other way too: he shares his thoughts, skills and knowledge to others in seminars. Check his way of working from Youtube:

FPPA Seminar in Hämeenlinna, Finland

Second part of André’s seminar was held in Häme Castle where one of the halls was transformed into studio. He photographed model Michela, who’s mysterious and dramatic dress and head piece were designed by Mirjam Lehtonen. Make-up was done by Tiina Lamberg. And we all Finnish members of FPPA observed intensively André’s photo shoot 🙂


Third part of André’s seminar was post-production in Photoshop. This part should have been filmed and all participants should have had all notebooks with them 🙂 So much information, tricks and all André shared with us. And you could tell he mastered his way of working and Photoshop; so clearly he explained all the details and showed how he proceeded with image.


Wonder where FPPA’s Annual Meeting was held? –Local professional photographer Mikaela Holmberg has organized Annual Meeting, and it was held in Old Civil Guard House of Vanaja. Mysterious and inspiring place with all little historical details. Check Mikaela – by Mikaela’s – too – she’s one of the best portrait photographers in Finland at the moment.


I think Andre’s seminar was one of the best seminars we have had in FPPA’s Annual Meetings. He had prepared his presentation well and he really captured participants’ attention with his warm and open personality and with professional skills. He has a lot to offer other professionals. And he did seminar with joy.

Thank you André – I hope you all the best in the future, and great images!