Sunset in Cologne – it was great to visit Cologne and Photokina again. It’s always about seeing friends. That’s what I like – photography people around Europe meet in Cologne every two year 🙂 But it was again about cool, fun and interesting stuff.


Light up your world

I saw for the first time LIVE Profoto B1, “portable” studio flash which includes battery. I was amazed how compact and light it was. And you control it with remote control attached to camera.

kuva 3-2

There were rumors that Elinchrom is launching ELB series soon – which means battery studio flash. Let’s wait and see.

Elinchrom have again fresnel spot FS 30, diagram 30cm. This means they also have barn doors size 35 x 40cm available again. If you use barn doors, 35 x 40 cm works better than barn doors with four leaves. I wish eventually they will have fresnel spot in smaller size too.

Elinchrom had also trolleys for light sources in different sizes. When you travel a lot with lighting equipment you just don’t want to carry all. One thing I’m curious about: how these trolleys and it’s shaky ride effects on lighting equipment, camera, lenses or laptop? I asked that from Tenba stand – they hadn’t have problems… I’m still suspicious. Anyone any experience?



Other lighting equipment I found interesting were HMI light sources. On Broncolor’s stand HMI’s were presented in front. They’ve just launched new 1600 HMI. I was wondering, could HMI’s be one solution for photo-videographers. More about this later when I can test it more.

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K 5 600
Another manufacturer who presented HMI was K 5 600.

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At K 5 600 stand was introduced Saks Fifth Avenue’s online store. Catalog images were stills and videos. They are lit with HMI light sources.
Another interesting point I heard about them was, that catalog images are mostly shot only in videos and still images are captured from them.

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Capture your world

One interesting product in Photokina was Lytro. You take photo with Lytro Camera and after that you decide which part you want sharp and focused. You can imagine how full their stand was 🙂

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Canon Legria Mini X
My favorite – Canon Legria Mini X. For me this product would be great tool in workshops, demos etc.
At Photokina Legria Mini X presentation by Simeon Quarrie was great. Good example for good presentation, have to remember that 🙂

Create your world

Phase One
Phase One is launching Capture One Pro 8You can have 60 days free trial from Phase One website.

Enjoy Your Camera
At Enjoy Your Camera stand I found one useful product and other funny ones. Camera belt called Spider Camera Holster looked strong and steady. Fun stuff was Triggertrap:  you attach iPhone to camera with cable and remote control it clapping your hands 🙂

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My another colleague Peter Forsgård introduced me to these cool products. Selfie-monopods – ball head in the other end and screw on the other. And you can have them in all possible colors – even in pink 🙂
One manufactures was XSories, but there were others too.

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Tether Tools
Another product Peter showed me was tablet mounting system by Tether Tools. It could be useful in shootings and demonstrations.

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Smart design

I just love products which are designed geniusly (in clothes DKNY Cozy is my favorite: it comes with guidebook and you can wear it at least 16 different ways 🙂 ) Few genius examples from Photokina:

Walkstool – website

Innovativ Carts – website


And I found one photo book publisher, Galileo Press, and they had posing guide too 🙂

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