City of Rauma organizes traditionally every year Week of Lace event and one night is called “Night of Black Lace”. People wear black lace, hang around city and have good time. I visited this event for the first time last year and fell in love with Old Rauma. This year I organized with Camera Club of Rauma POSE photography workshop in that night. Dress code for POSE workshop was naturally black lace 🙂

We had workshop and demonstrations in Old Rauma… of course.


POSE workshop began with few demonstrations about posing. We had appr. 1,5 hours and we walked around city.


I demonstrate what happens when people try to smile and they are excited at the same time. They began to pull their chin back and all face looks tense.


For lighting we used Elinchrom Quadra portable flash. We had only one flash head attached to boom arm and assistant Jouni carried battery pack on his shoulder. As light modifier we used Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octa 70.

If you don’t have assistant you can easily attach light source to light stand and use battery as weight, that the stand doesn’t fall.

Marjukka had beautiful black lace costume. I presume DIY 🙂 Love when people take “seriously” dress code. It’s part of the fun 🙂


I added Marjukka’s husband Jarmo to stand behind her. Unfortunately we didn’t have more additional lights to lit him. Anyhow this was POSE workshop, so our main focus was in poses.


What we as photographers take into a consideration when our model is leaning against the wall? – Posture, direction of body, hands, arms…. all the little details of pose.


Participants wore black lace  🙂 and that’s why we stayed in shade most of the time. Temperature was about +30 ° the whole day.


Photographer – ready to shoot.


Dynamic, looking forward. (And, yes I should remove branches etc behind model’s shoulder.)


In this demo model was supposed to walk like tourist in the streets of Old Rauma.


I explained how to guide direction of head. If model is facing little bit towards main light, light lits face better. Height of  look matters too.


We used Lastolite Skylite this time to prevent strong reflection from light wall on model’s  shadow side. I sat down on the street to separate main subject from background better. And you can also see one important landmark of city behind (town hall).


Happy tourist in Old Rauma. Pose of hands is easier, if model has something in his hands.


Last we did group portrait. That was hard – we all had to stay in direct sunlight for some time. Huh.


I asked random pedestrian to take final image.


POSE workshop had two parts. First was demonstrations, second was about practicing. Camera Club of Rauma had organized shooting spot for us. We built studio and participants practiced how to guide models to pose. Our models were random people who walked by.

In studio we used two Elinchrom D-Lite RX One studio flash kit with umbrellas (translucent white and reflective white). Black scrim prevent direct sunlight.


We set up lights and all participants shoot images at their turn.


We had portable printer and we printed images straight form camera and gave them to people.


Photographers changed, others helped with lights, printing, catching new models or just enjoyed the atmosphere.


Everyone got their chance to practice.


One of participants, Tuula, came all the way from Sipoo, Southern part of Finland. And she even have DIY-black lace pants. How cool was that 🙂  

Tuula picked me up from Tampere earlier on Friday, we came together to Rauma and spent great weekend there. _DSC5881

Tuula’s friends came to photoshoot. They live in Old Rauma and next day they showed their house to us. Thanks Mikko and Hannele for this special tour 🙂


Happy people with their little photo 🙂


We had great night 🙂 People were happy to get their images and participants enjoyed guiding models and shooting. I think they all got good practise how to guide models, how to take care of little details of pose and then finally, how to shoot images.

Thank you for all – It was great to be in Rauma again.

(Making of images: Tiina Poimio, Camera Club of Rauma)