I got great opportunity to meet one of the legends, Mr. Dedo Weigert this week. I participated Dedolight Agent Meeting in Munich this week.

We had three days full program about products, technologies, theories etc. Mr. Dedo kept on going even seminar room was as hot as tropical island. We younger ones were amazed 🙂

You could feel his enthusiasm, passion and knowledge. It reminded me very much of certain photography school and it’s founder in Finland 🙂There were Dedolight agents from all over the world in the meeting. I realized I didn’t even ask names of people but I asked where they were from. Probably it was easier 😀 Go all the Teams worldwide!
It was great to meet new people – during coffee breaks, lunches and dinners we had opportunity to talk and share. For me it was interesting to meet people who work in film and broadcasting industry. That field is not familiar to me and I learned lot. I think it was great that we were all in same hotel, so you could meet at breakfast or have drinks together in the evening.

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LED Technology

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It’s been on my to-do-list to study deeply LED technology and theory. LEDs as light sources have become more and more interesting in a field of professional photography. These two points I found important when someone is considering to choose LEDs as additional light sources in photography.


Even though CRI value is not designed for evaluating LED light sources, it’s still used at the moment. But you should examineCRi deeply. Including CRI I learn that color value R9 is important, when you check technical info of light source.


Another thing is to check TLCI (TV Lighting Consistency Index). Among other things it shows light source’s  wave lengths as curve (visible light) . Light source based on LED technology has blue spike on curve. Valley between spike and rest of the curve sholud be shallow. Deep valley means worse quality in light.

Studies in these subjects will continue…


Interesting product and system

For me Dedolight has always been Classic Serie 100W Tungsten. After Agent Meeting is getting interesting, is it time to switch to LED-version of it… most of the accessories still fit and you don’t burn your fingers every time (or is that part of the fun 🙂 )

Dedolight PanAura

Another interesting product is Dedolight PanAura. Even though it’s been on a market already a while I haven’t tested that yet. I was wondering, could it be proper choice for those professional photographers who do stills and video f.e. for commercial and marketing purposes. And who would like to use continuous light sources instead of flash.

As big enough PanAura could produce so soft light that it works perfectly with available light  in certain situations, f.e. in Finland during winter, when people are shot in offices and images should look as shot in only available light. PanAura’s advantage is that it’ s not deep. It can be fitted in a small office. Still thinking  about proper lighting kit for this kind of use.

In this image Mr.Dedo is presenting PauAura 7. I consider PauAura 5 quite suitable for use I mentioned above.

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Cine Reflect Lighting System

CRLS is very interesting and it would be cool to test it. Even though reflecting light is familiar I think this is  different way of working. Whole work is based on reflecting light via different kind of reflectors. Cool 🙂

Gaffer Jacob Ballinger showed us the method briefly. In this image are all some reflectors. They all have  different kind of surface.

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In CRLS system you need a light source which produces  parallel light beam.
Few examples of different  kind of reflections.

Dedolight_Puputti (11 of 32)Dedolight_Puputti (12 of 32) In the evening Ballinger demonstrated CRLS in Dedo’s home where we were having dinner.

Dedolight_Puputti (32 of 32)Dedolight_Puputti (30 of 32)Dedolight_Puputti (31 of 32) I did’t know that Dedolights are commonly used in museums. So next time check the ceilings in Hermitage Museum 🙂 Raffael is presenting museum lighting to us.

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Agent Meeting was like little Photokina 🙂 You could just go and test all the products.

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And what you can do –  if light doesn’t work and you have Dedolight available 🙂

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Obligatory portrait with Mr. Dedo 🙂

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Team Finland. Starlike‘s Juki Orpana is Dedolight’s Agent in Finland.

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Team Finland and three Dedos in same image (pics: Julio Gomez, Spain)

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I was happy to visit Munich and Dedo Weigert Film Agent Meeting. I learnt new things,  met great people all over the world,  and of course I finally got to  meet one of the legends in this business.
Even though Mr. Dedo doesn’t speak Finnish I wanted to give him Light & Lighting book to thank him. (Even though most of the images in the book are lit with flash 🙂 )


Roman and Raffael are my friends in Dedo Weigert Film so of course they got the books too. To make a bit easier I gave them also English translation of first chapter 🙂 

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Thanks to everyone. You made my trip to Munich special 🙂
And if you ever go to Munich – rent a bike and make tour. Best way to explore city – Thanks Raffael!