The biggest photo shoot for POSE – Position and guidance of the model” was done at the end of April in Helsinki. There were 20 people doing family photos for the book. We began to plan this photo shoot last January. Make-up artist-students Alina Välimäki and Pihla Valli practiced make-ups, we were looking for models and location. I wen several time to Tampere Theatre to find costumes and props. Even though guidebook is about posing, for me photography is always also about lighting 🙂

Lighting set-up – only because woman wants to

I decided with my team (make-up artist-students Alina Välimäki and Pihla Valli and their teacher Tanja Haverinen) that theme for this shoot is Addams Family. Theme was suitable for Alina and Pihla to do their vocational examination in theatre masking.
For me it was clear from the beginning that I wanted to use hard light, cookie lighting and use continuous light sources (Dedolight 100W Tungsten). Just because I thought it was cool 🙂 And only  few days before shooting we found perfect location and all was set.

The beginning: Masking heads to light stands to that place and that height were models were suppose to be later.


We built bar between two supportive light stands and placed it above camera. 9 Dedolights with barndoors were attached to this bar. They were main lights to models – each face was lit separately.

Adams Family, Tiina Puputti.

Above models there was another bar. On this bar were attached 3 Dedolights with barndoors and they were pointing toward models.
Including Dedolights three Blonds were attached to same bar and glossy, silver and silver-gold umbrellas were their light modifiers.  This hair light system lit all nine models. Hair light separated models from background and from each other with sufficient tone values. Photographer Tomi Kallio was one of my assistants and he was responsible for light sources in bars.

Adams Family, Tiina Puputti.

As fill light we used efficient light source which was placed behind camera. To transform light more softer we placed translucent, white disposable bed sheet in front of it.

Adams Family, Tiina Puputti.

6 Dedolights with barndoors were placed on light stands and they were positioned on the left side of the camera.  These additional light sources needed to lit models’ clothes. Photographer Jesse Terho was another assistant and he was responsible for these lights.

Adams Family, Tiina Puputti.

Both sides of models there were Arri 1000W as rim lights.

Adams Family, Tiina Puputti.

Then let’s POSE!

Adams Family, Tiina Puputti.

Guiding models.

Adams Family, Tiina Puputti.


Lighting diagrams


EN_perhe_valaisukaavio EN_suku_valaisukaavio

Making of Video



Thank you 🙂

Models: Peppina Lindfors, Juha Välimäki, Joonatan Hynninen, Emilie Romi, Juuso Juntunen, Aila Ikonen, Marko Varalahti, Matti J. Kaleva and Tuula Kalima.

Make-up Team: Hair- and masking profession teacher Tanja Haverinen, make-up artist-students Alina Välimäki and Pihla Valli.

Assistants: Tomi Kallio, Jyrki Vesa, Jesse Terho and Eärendel Fingerson.

Location: Jukka Kaitala ja Ilkka Hietala/Studio Skaala.

Petri Heinonen/Visuaaliviestinnän Instituutti VVI Oy
Juki Orpana/Starlike
Olli Turtiainen/Canon
Ville Wikstedt/Galerie Wikstedt
Matti J. Kaleva

Making of -video: Rob Örthen/Rob Orthen Photography

Making of images: Leo Hynninen