Yesterday I got back from Bergamo, Italy from our Masterclass Photography workshop.

After two years of workshops in Finland Masterclass wanted to travel together abroad to experience light in different country. We chose Bergamo. I still remember when we were all in Skype before Christmas and booked flights and accommodation online. After clicking “booked” feeling was surreal – we did it. We were on our way 🙂

Last Friday trip finally began. We took off to Bergamo. I know some of you have followed our trip through Facebook status updates. I’m glad you’ve lived our happy moments with us 🙂

Like Henri Cartier-Bresson said “Seeing is everything”. We sensed, breath, tasted, touched and saw Italy.  We talked, we shared. Tomi said yesterday – “Now it’s time to digest all.” But still I want to share some moments with you. More later.

I just love it that Oscar took his family with us. Children Kevin and Emilia were great – they helped us, they were models and best of all – they made us laugh. And sometimes run.


Photographer’s son knows how to pose 🙂


Oscar is ready – to shoot or run?


– I want to be in the picture too.


Baby carriage was useful. Three Lastolite Skylites, two light stands, Kevin and Magnetic Hund all fit in 🙂


Our B&B’s Lady was great! I asked to borrow blanket for picnic – she told me where to find snack and perfect spot for picnic. If you ever go to Bergamo, stay in B&B Botton d’Oro 🙂

We found ourselves to have picnic from old castle from where you could see 360°. Perfect spot to enjoy sunset and shoot.


Oscar has asked us to shoot family portrait of Lindell Family. Sunset at the hill was great for that.


Castle hill was great for little zen moment too. Loved the view.


“Car!” – Let’s stay next to wall. For a while…


Fun and fun, part I.


Fun and fun, part II.


– Can I see it too?


In group photo in Milan, in front of  Duomo: Susanna, Kevin, Emilia, Tomi, Johanna, Oscar and me (pic: Oscar Lindell).
Love my Masterclass Family 🙂