Masterclass Photography Workshop agenda this time – LOL, light and Lightroom.

For the first time we didn’t have qualification pressure –we just gathered to have fun. And our idea of fun: Saturday whole day shooting , testing LEDs, continuous light sources and in the evening Lightroom workshop all the way to midnight. On Sunday to to studio at 9 o’clock and afternoon family-video.

And this is just the beginning –Let’s enjoy feelings 😀
Images, test results and video will be seen later at FPPA’s Spring Update in Tampere March, 31st, 2014. You’re all welcome 🙂 (ok, later on more in my blog too :D)

Classic group photo. If there were sound on it, it would be laugh and joy.

From left: Oscar Lindell (Studio Lindell, Porvoo), Sami Reivinen (Valokuvaamo KLIK, Tampere), me, Johanna Uusitalo (Foto-Friitala, Ulvila) and Tomi Kallio (Valokuvaamo Potretti, Orimattila).


Johanna’s friend Teemu Heinonen, who works in nightclub Cabaret, has arranged shooting place for us. Thanks for Teemu 🙂

On the other side of nightclub Johanna is placing light sources. We tested few Dedolight DLED 4.0  and two Dedolight Felloni –how they work in portraiture.


On the other side guys are getting wild on the dance floor 😀


We had beautiful and patient wedding couple as models. At background you can spot one Dedolight Felloni.


Teemu and her lovely wife Minna-Mari posed for us whole day while their 3-year-old son Oliver entertained himself with iPad.


Who needs light stands anyway??? Love LEDs –they stay cool and you can actually touch and hold them during shooting.


Ok, with extra light stands you can place light sources a bit higher… even though me and Oscar are tall 😀


While I was helping Johanna with wedding couple, guys were preparing graduation picture of young girl.


Some test poses with serious face..


Later on it all carried away… and we all had some funny images 😀 LOL – once again.


And we checked some poses too. (Read more later from my book “Posing Guode” :D) Our model did great – that spot really wasn’t for sitting.


After day at the nightclub we had italian style family dinner at Johanna’s place and Lightroom workshop all the way midnight. How much you can learn in one day?

Main theme for Sunday was to test video. By accident we got Canon C100 for a test shoot. Oscar made storyboard studied camera settings, we all build lighting in Johanna’s living room and assisted during filming. As models we had lovely family. Parents Noora and Jarkko and their happy kids Ellen and Jasper. They were all in the whole filming.

Two cameras and one Johanna in action.


Results of Masterclass Photography Workshop:

– some more test shoots with Dedolight LEDs

– more knowledge of Lightroom

– lighting and making a video

– lighter felling aftef LOL

– etc

What a great team we have. Great weekend once again. I’m thrilled and happy. Can’t wait Spring Update and of course our next Masterclass Workshop – Masterclass goes italy 😀
(Making of images: Tomi Kallio)