puputti_lindell_uusitalo-18Masterclass photography workshop group portrait. From left, Tiina, Mr. Paavo Lipponen (former Prime Minister of Finland), Oscar Lindell (Studio Lindell, Porvoo), Johanna Uusitalo (Foto-Friitala, Ulvila) and our gorgeous model Laura Arrhenius. (Continue reading blog to figure out how former Prime Minister of Finland ended up in Masterclass group portrait.)

Masterclass started without me on Saturday. I was at the same time celebrating my friend and colleague Laura’s wedding in Tampere. Johanna took a challenge at the same time. She shot Oscar’s 3-year-old son Kevin, who’s synonym for word action. He just doesn’t stop. Ice-cream helps, but just a split second.

Later on I heard how it all went: Kevin ran around Old Porvoo and four adults tried to keep up with him. Johanna tried to shoot, Susanna-mum helped all, Oscar and Johanna’s husband Harri were assistants. For all adults that was sport exercise, for Kevin real fun and for tourists around free amusement 🙂puputti_lindell_uusitalo-1Pic: Harri Uusitalo

I know, next pic is boring. But it’s so informative and it describes Masterclass photography workshop this time well. Sun was shining and we were able to use different kind of reflectors and diffusers.

– Sunbounce Zebra (gold-silver) reflector in two size. Check Sunbounce website to see how to use reflectors and diffusers. Inspiring –dreaming about California.

– Lastolite TriGrips, which I mentioned in previous blog

– homemade diffuser/reflector/screen in aluminum frame (instructions in  Light and Lighting -book)

– Lastolite 1.2 x 1.8 m diffuser (L7207)

puputti_lindell_uusitalo-2In first shooting session Johanna was looking for momentary and intimacy. She shot family in shade. Assistants used big Sunbounce Zebra reflectors and directed sunlight to models’ faces. They stood in direct sunlight and angled light to right spot.

Those who know me can see once again that I kept on repeating the importance of fore- and backround 🙂puputti_lindell_uusitalo-3In this session we used Lastolite Diffuser. I used it earlier in other photography workshop.

The sun is located far away from us. When we put some diffuser material between sun and model (not too thin or thick), we can create soft light for real. And it’s beautiful. You should try it 🙂puputti_lindell_uusitalo-8I don’t know how clean or warm water in River Porvoo is but Oscar as local had a clue of it obviously (or he’s just too crazy looking for a great shot). He just jumped into river to get diffuser to right spot. Earlier he attached diffuser to extra light stand to get it high enough.

Disadvantage of Lastolite Diffuser is that it doesn’t stay straight and it isn’t steady (frame is flexible). If there’s any wind, it’s is unstable. Advantage is, it’s portable (carry on bag diagram is 65 cm).

F.e. homemade aluminum frame, Sunbounce diffuser frames or Lastolite’s Skylite Rapid are metal frames. They stay straight and steady. For bigger diffusers  you need two extra light stands to keep them stabile.puputti_lindell_uusitalo-9Oscar diffused direct sunlight. Harri reflected sunlight with Sunbounce Zebra reflector to models’ faces as fill light. Color of reflecor is gold-silver and that makes warmish tone to reflected light. It’s natural color on peoples’ skin.

It was possible to use reflector as fill light because models looked at the river and to each other. If they’ve looked at camera reflected light would have been too bright and models had to squint their eyes.puputti_lindell_uusitalo-10Next family arrived and Oscar just wanted to shoot them on a tree. And they climbed –with a help of ladder 🙂puputti_lindell_uusitalo-11In this session we aimed portable battery flash system Elinchrome Quadra towards Sunboucen Zebra-reflector  and used it a bit same like glossy reflective umbrella.

Tree was in shade, so we couldn’t reflect direct sunlight straight to models faces. Johanna also used 75 cm  Lastolite TriGrip -diffuser to cover up unwanted direct sunlight which hit to models through leaves. Homemade aluminum frame was covered with white fabric and it was used as fill light. It lighted a bit shadow parts on models’ faces.

And they all stayed on a tree well. Maybe Oscar’s way to give instructions was something to do with it… 🙂puputti_lindell_uusitalo-12Son of the family got some free time while Oscar took a portrait of parents. This time they didn’t have to climb all the way up… Lighting set-up was same than in family portrait.puputti_lindell_uusitalo-14This  was realization for me: combine Manfrotto litetite  and super clamp and attach them to light stand. Then attach reflector to that combination. This combo makes it possible to turn reflector in multiple directions. Cool.puputti_lindell_uusitalo-13Next day Oscar wanted to shoot in a spot he’s been shooting earlier probably thousand times. We ended up to Porvoo Cathedral. Oscar is checking right spot for camera, right shooting angle and cropping.. Wanna-be model helping…puputti_lindell_uusitalo-4

Pic: Oscar Lindell

During this session there were two funny and memorable coincidence. And we had a great laugh afterwards.

First we were surrounded by group of Japanese tourists. Instead of shooting Cathedral they were shooting our “bride”.puputti_lindell_uusitalo-5After tourists were gone we continued building lighting set-up. Additional lights, reflectors and screens were about to be at their right spots…puputti_lindell_uusitalo-15… likewise photographer, camera and eventually also bride’s dress.puputti_lindell_uusitalo-16Finally we were ready and we all got tasks (I was “wind machine” which meant that I swing big foam board back and forwards). There was no one to take making of -picture. That’s why I looked around and tried to find some random passers-by to take one.

And how former Prime Minister of Finland ended up to Masterclass group portrait? I saw group of three people and ran towards them asking could they take photo of us. I was trying to communicate in Finnish and English.. Then suddenly I stood d in front of Mr. Paavo Lipponen, former Prime Minister of Finland. I froze for a second and then I wisely said “Oh, it’s you”. I managed to explain what I wished for and Mr. Lipponen was immediately ready to help us. He took photos and then posed with us in group portrait.puputti_lindell_uusitalo-17Pic: Mr. Paavo Lipponen

puputti_lindell_uusitalo-18Mr. Lipponen was visiting Porvoo with his friends and they wished for photos too. We were glad to take them. Thank you once more for your friendly help, Mr. Lipponen.puputti_lindell_uusitalo-20
Afternoon it was clear again and we were able to use reflectors, diffusers and screens again. Actually weather was nightmare for photographer: direct sunlight, clouds, direct sunlight, clouds..

Pic: Oscar Lindell

We stayed overnight in beautiful Boutique Hotel Onni. There’s gorgeous interior which is all white and light. It was perfect for blond Laura in her bridal dress. We used compact, portable battery flash system Elinchrome Quadra as additional lights. With them we were able to bright up interior as light as we wanted. We were also able to create photographic lighting to model. Laura was perfect bride the whole day 🙂puputti_lindell_uusitalo-19I know you all think – we want to see some photos! I think same way 🙂

Let’s try to remember that summer and early autumn are the busiest time, if you work as portrait photographer. Johanna and Oscar are working days and nights to shoot and deliver photos to real clients. Pictures for studies can wait. Last exam of Specialist Further Qualification in Photography is at the end of October. But before that –you can always examine earlier making -of -images and go and shoot by yourself 🙂 I’m sure you’ll learn a great deal 🙂

And how you do marketing? Our photography workshop ended on Monday. On Wednesday local newspaper had story about it: local professional photographer organizes photography workshop to develop himself with colleages. “Professional photographers work usually by themselves. Collaboration with colleagues like this is inspiring”, comments Oscar. Well done 🙂

My former ice-hockey team has launched concept “JypWomen Family”. I can easily change that to “Masterclass Family” -got to love you guys 🙂 Inspiring, exciting and fun. I’m glad to be part of it.

Kuvankaappaus 2013-9-18 kello 10.41.04