My colleague Sami took this pic of us: we all got the experience how fun being in the pic can be! And forgot to had all those thoughts: “I always look awful in the pics…” (Is this Finnish thing or a global thing…???)

It wasn’t very snowy weather last Tuesday when we had our Pre-Christmas Party. Even though a large group of Public Relation People from different organizations gathered together to have traditional Christmas treats and meet each other.

Luckily bad weather didn’t bother us and the atmosphere was cozy and it felt little bit like Christmas –maybe because of treats and candles. The coziness was created by the people. Everyone made up a positive adjective which described them and it started with the same letter than their first names. I think “C” was the most difficult letter, but the owner of the C-first name managed to create one! (In Finnish language there isn’t many adjectives beginning with “C”…) Some of the people thought even two or three adjectives! I hope they all remembered their adjectives all day or even longer.

I was organized the event with my colleague Sami Reivinen who owns a studio in Tampere. We cooperate a lot all the time, so it was natural to organize this event together. All went well, even we had problems with the technics at the beginning. How sure you can be –we had tested everything during one hour before our guests arrived and still something went wrong… luckily we’re both so calm…

Our theme was something like “good picture conveys your message better”. Quite natural and relevant topic for both of us and I assume that to the Public Relations People too. We watched pics together, we talked about them and especially we talked about being in the pic.

So it was all about good pics and also about the moments they are taken. Two hours is a short time, but still a good time to talk about the topic you love. I also liked to meet all the new people I haven’t met before.

I had a great feeling about the event and especially about the people. I hoping to face more of this kind of events!

We had cozy and bright feeling at the Studio KLIK

Sami is talking about photos and shooting from professional photographer’s view. Listeners were especially interested all the tips of guiding your models and separating a good picture from the bad one. Sami was really behalf of happy and positive faces –and we got the experience of this positivity during our group-picture shooting session!

I’m talking about meaning of education (naturally…) as a part of everyone’s work. I think it’s important that Public Relations People know more about shooting and they understand better about the quality of photos. I’m sure it will increase motivation and satisfaction in everyone’s work. It also will help when cooperating with professional photographers.

Thank you for all participants! Thank you Sami for the cooperation!