kuvankäsittely: Jukka Vähälummukka

I did the workshop in Central Ostrobothnia Culture Institute last May. Our subject was to work outside the studio using available light etc. We had a great weather the whole weekend, so we were able to do a lot of different kind of lighting demonstrations. Even though it was quite windy, it was easy to do demonstrations because of so many assistants: our group was more than 20 people. Probably everyone got the practical experience of carrying lighting equipment around. Including all carrying and studying people had time to shoot pics about demos, and you can see the results below the text.

We started our workshop with theory about the basics of working with available light and lighting outside the studio and then we went outside to do demos. You never know about Finnish spring weather, so we all had a lot of extra clothes for the day: it can be so cold that you need your winter clothes or opposite: even T-shirt is too much. This weekend we had both. Once again.

After demonstrations using direct sunlight, working in a shade and shadowless circumstances we had a break and we got ready for the evening. Previous night I had been observing the sky and how late it gets before it’s right time for the blue moment.

Ilkka Kyllönen and Jukka Vähälummukka made layout for the pic where Matti’s car was the main props. We gather to the spot around 22pm, made lighting plan together and share tasks for everyone. Ilkka and Jukka had chosen challenging spot to shoot, so everyone really had tasks to do!

We were at the shooting spot very early before the right moment. We had enough time to do the set up, go through it and review the main points. It was interesting spot for teaching too: we were next to the rapids and a main railway track. And naturally some of our equipment was left behind at the studio (luckily it wasn’t too far away). Still we worked as a team for our pic and we were ready well in advance. Even mosquitos didn’t disturb us much..

Anyone wasn’t tired and everyone did their job perfectly! We had a great evening learning and working together. I think we learned a lot. Jukka was so enthusiastic that he finished our pic during the same night, so we were able to see final result next morning.

Great workshop, great people and enough lights.

Whole day outside the studio… documentary pics by Matti Knuutila.

During the day demos using direct sunlight, shade etc.. Luckily it wasn’t raining.

Between lighting demos we also learned how to shoot architecture by just choosing the right moment.

We used different kind of lighting equipment all day. And we had enough people to carry them!

The whole team working for the blue moment pic.

Jukka had smoke machine in his trunk…